Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years (and happy 40th birthday, Daddy)!

Christmas 2008

Ellie's First Christmas! Artie and I have looked forward to this day since we found out we were pregnant. We bought a new Christmas tree and decided to go white. We went back and forth about it ("Will Ellie grow up thinking green trees are weird?"), but decided to buck tradition and go for white. In the picture, you can see Ellie TRYING to get a peek at the tree. We had to put the box the tree came in right in front of it to protect the tree from EllieMonster! She is now pulling up on EVERYTHING and semi-walking all over the place. In fact, we learned that she has a new trick----she can climb up our stairs. So, we have to have the baby gate on all the time.

We had a fun December. Artie's best friend from childhood drove up from Ft. Lauderdale with his family to visit on their way to NC.
We celebrated Hanukkah with them, which was cool. They let us participate, so it was a neat learning experience for us. I got to light the shamash (starter candle) for the first night, which was pretty awesome. I learned that Jewish families typically eat jelly doughnuts after lighting the candles. What a wonderful religion!!!!

Right after they left, we welcomed Mimi and Oppa for Christmas. They bought every other toy and outfit that we didn't get Ellie for her first Christmas. Ellie was so excited that Santa was coming, she didn't sleep well on Christmas Eve. Um, and it has NOTHING to do with the fact that she now wakes up several times at night anyways.
Ellie had a fun time opening gifts---for the first hour. Then, she crawled up onto Oppa and slept for an hour. Mimi and I continued opening Ellie's gifts! :) She got the ball popper thingy (which she isn't sure if she likes or not. She will play with it, when sitting on my lap.). . . some books. . .CLOTHES. . . and a ride-able lion who roars. Ellie LOVES that! Mimi makes funny faces, noises and does the sign for "lion", which Ellie REALLY loves! Ellie loves funny mouth noises and faces.

Ellie is doing really well, development wise. She's 10 months old right now, which blows my mind! But, her pediatrician was very impressed with her at her 9 month appointment. She is 30 inches long (90th percentile) and weighs 19 lbs, 10 oz (62 percentile). Her weight percentile went down from her 6 month visit, which caused us to be concerned. But, the doctor pointed out that El is crawling everywhere and burning up more calories. Naturally, her weight gain issues from the beginning was playing on our mind, but the doctor reassured us that we are out of the woods with that. Yay! Ellie has 5 teeth that are cutting/coming through right now. So, after they are done, we'll have a break for the teething for a while. Hopefully, we'll go back to her regular sleeping habits after that is over. HOPEFULLY!

November 2008 (yeah, a little late, too)

November. Never has a month gone by so quickly. One minute, it was Halloween. The next? Thanksgiving.

This year, we went to Big Mama and Jack's house for Thanksgiving. We have gone to the Wingate's house for Thanksgiving since I was in Kindergarten. Jason, Richard and I were always stuck at the kids' table. This year, our kids were at the kids' table! After eating ourselves into a food coma, we were able to get all the kids together for a super cute picture.

Afterwards, Mimi and Oppa gave Ellie a stocking early to get her ready for Christmas. Notice anything odd with this picture? See the tiny specks of fabric on each side of Ellie's stocking? Ha ha! But, she enjoyed presents!!!!
It gave her practice for Christmas. We also enjoyed spending time with Auntie Amy and Da Boyz. Ellie has a crush on Connery. Her little face lights up when she is around him.
Auntie Amy and I think it would be funny if Ellie and Connery got married. What cute pictures to have in their house. :)

Halloween 2008 (a little late)

If Blogger gave out awards to the worst mom blogger, I would win hands down! I could be passive aggressive and say something like, "Well, I'd rather spend my time with Ellie than on a computer typing about her." Yeah, that works! ;) But, truth of the matter is that keeping up with a full time job, commute, Ellie, Artie, house, etc., the last think I want to do is get on my laptop.

So, here are some Ellie updates. . .
For Halloween, Ellie was "Buzz. The Georgia Tech Mascot." Cute, huh? I was Cleopatra. We went to Trunk or Treat at our church and saw many other bees there. None were as cute as Ellie, but I'm not biased or anything. :) As you can see from the above picture, Ellie is a crawling maniac! She started crawling the day before Halloween and hasn't stopped yet! Artie and I tried thinking how we would TEACH Ellie to crawl. Needless to say, you don't have to TEACH a baby to crawl. In typical Ellie fashion, she didn't want us to see her crawl until she perfected it. One day, I was in the kitchen and Ellie was (or so I thought) in the living room. All of a sudden, she was in the kitchen. And, she had her big toothy grin on her face when she saw the surprise on my face! Artie kept saying "I can't wait until she starts crawling" when she was little. Now that she is crawling, we don't get a moment's rest! We need, "That's not for Ellie's" and "No" on loop in our house. We've baby proofed (and re-baby proofed) our house, but Ellie seems to find our weaknesses. She's a BIG fan of power cords, laptops, cell phones, and shoes. Her toys? Not so much!