Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

For Memorial Day, we went to Huntsville for some R&R. We are so lucky that when we go to Huntsville, Mimi and Oppa watch Ellie, so we can get a complete night's sleep. It's wonderful!!!!
While we were there, we decided to give Ellie her first pool experience. She loves being in the bath, so we were wondering how she would enjoy the pool. I was hoping she would be a water baby, and she was!
Before I give the details, let me just tell you how cute she was!!!! Mimi bought Ellie a white and brown tiger striped bathing suit at Baby Gap, when she was in town for Mother's Day. She was the perfect accessory for Mommy's brown suit! :)
We slowly entered the water, making sure we didn't appear nervous. Mommy and Daddy cuddled with Ellie in the water; Oppa gave Ellie her first dunk underwater! I think Daddy was more nervous than Ellie! :) When Ellie resurfaced, she had a confused look on her face and let out a little cry. But, after getting cuddled by Oppa, she was just fine. Check out our Picasa site for a million pictures of Ellie's pool experience.