Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ellie's Baptism

At the beginning of August, Ellie had her baptism. It was in the same church that Artie and I were married in 6 years earlier. We got a bit nervous, since Ellie was supposed to wear the Christening gown that my mom made for me in 1975. For so long, we tried to get Ellie to gain weight. Wellllll. . .that is no longer an issue! But, it fit her like a glove! She looked so beautiful!

As you know, Ellie enjoys throwing up. I was a bit nervous that she would want to show off her skill during her ceremony. I thought that if she spit up pea soup, we might have to have an exorcism right then and there! But, she didn't spit up AT ALL!!! Yay!

Afterwards, we went back to Mimi and Oppa's for brunch. We were so fortunate to have so many of Ellie's friends there.

Ellie's First Date

Ellie had her first playdate in August. My friends from USC, Katie and Jamie, had Jack a few days after Ellie was born. Even though Ellie has played with Kieran and Connery many times, this was her first time seeing someone her size. You could tell she enjoyed being able to talk with someone who could actually speak her language.

It was so cute to see Ellie interact with Jack. Since she isn't in daycare, Ellie hasn't been around other babies. I took tons of cute pictures of their date.