Tuesday, December 30, 2008

November 2008 (yeah, a little late, too)

November. Never has a month gone by so quickly. One minute, it was Halloween. The next? Thanksgiving.

This year, we went to Big Mama and Jack's house for Thanksgiving. We have gone to the Wingate's house for Thanksgiving since I was in Kindergarten. Jason, Richard and I were always stuck at the kids' table. This year, our kids were at the kids' table! After eating ourselves into a food coma, we were able to get all the kids together for a super cute picture.

Afterwards, Mimi and Oppa gave Ellie a stocking early to get her ready for Christmas. Notice anything odd with this picture? See the tiny specks of fabric on each side of Ellie's stocking? Ha ha! But, she enjoyed presents!!!!
It gave her practice for Christmas. We also enjoyed spending time with Auntie Amy and Da Boyz. Ellie has a crush on Connery. Her little face lights up when she is around him.
Auntie Amy and I think it would be funny if Ellie and Connery got married. What cute pictures to have in their house. :)

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AmySandy said...

Ellie Patel? BEAUTIFUL name, I think! That picture of e and c is now my favorite! I want to turn it into a black and white and put it in the boys' room. Aw, can't tell you how much I love that little girl.