Monday, October 13, 2008

September Madness

Hello Family and Friends! I hope this post finds everyone well. September has come and gone. Like I say. . . "Time flies, when you have a kid!"

I meant to post on here awhile ago, but that didn't occur. So, let's catch you up on life with Ellie. . .
In mid-August, we had Ellie's second hemangioma surgery, which went REALLY well! In fact, her plastic surgeon said that we were done. Yipee! While Mimi and Oppa were in town, Artie and I decided to use the free babysitting services to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. So, we went to a swanky place called The Capital Grille. VERY yummy! So, as we go to leave the restaurant, Artie starts pointing out all the fancy cars in the front of the restaurant that the vallets were parking. But, where was our car? Evidently, my mom-mobile with the Fisher Price sunshades was not worthy of being parked by the vallets in the front of the restaurant! Ha ha!

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